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A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

bookcover3.jpgAs a child I loved reading books like Harry Potter and Narnia because they transported me into another world, and the feeling of being completely immersed was amazing. Even as an adult I have a soft spot for fantasy. The only downside is that these iconic books create a high bar for other children’s books in the same vein.

Since I’m an adult I feel bad for being critical of children and young adult books, but it’s because I’m hoping for that same experience. I wouldn’t say that A Wrinkle in Time is as encompassing as Harry Potter (maybe as the series progresses) but I was hooked very quickly.characters.jpg

In A Wrinkle in Time we join Meg Murray, her brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin to find Mr. Murray. With the aid of three ancient beings they are able to use the fifth dimension to travel across the universe to search for Meg and Charles’ missing father.

bookcover1.jpgThe book has many interesting characters, but the heart is Meg. Poor awkward Meg who’s having a hard time dealing with being different and missing her father at the same time. Like with Harry and Lucy, Meg is our gateway to understanding this magical world of space travel.

Something else the book does right is that it doesn’t dumb down for kids. The writing is simple and clear but the concepts are strong. To L’Engle the big evil is conformity and the destruction of what is unique/different in an individual and society. Big ideas for a children’s novel.

I throughly enjoyed A Wrinkle in Time and glad that after waiting so long to read the novel that I wasn’t let down. I highly recommend it to children (and adults) who love fantasy adventure.

Score: 9 tesseracts to take you to faraway worlds


In The Margins:

  • So there is a 2003 mini series of A Wrinkle in Time and I was thinking of watching but it looks terrible. It’s been 13 years. I think we are due for a new movie.
  • Every time tesseract is mentioned in the book all I can see is the glowing blue cube from the marvel movies.
  • Look out for “February Happenings” on the 1st. Excited for next month! 🙂
  • Next Week’s review: “Pride and Prejudice AND Zombies” Brainsssssss……….

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