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Confess by Colleen Hoover

As a kid, while my mom shopped, I always found my way to the grocery store’s book section. I was excited to see what new books I could find and hope to convince my mom to buy (because I NEED IT!). Ah, but alas, since I’m a ‘90s kid, instead of finding the newest Goosebumps and/or Animorphs I was met with a wall of books like this:

harlequin1.jpg harlequin3.jpg harlequin2.jpg

Maybe this was the birth of my hatred for romance novels.

Now let me be clear, if you love Harlequin, then to each his own. I don’t think you’re less of person based upon your favorite genre. I like some romance in my novels but I’ve never had any interest in romance novels.

But with the new year, not only did I want to read more, I also wanted to try new genres. I knew that treating all romance as Harlequin was wrong, so I decided to give it a try. I went with Confess because Colleen Hoover (or CoHo as her fans so delightfully call her) has a solid track record on Goodreads and the novel got #1 romance of 2015.

It was also a novel that promised SECRETS! I was sold.

Confess is about the chance meeting of Owen Gentry and… I can’t remember her name… *looks it up* Auburn Reed.

Problem #1 – Even though the female protagonist has a quirky name I legit forgot it because she’s that forgettable.

Anyways, Auburn is hard-up on money due to secret reasons that brought her back to Dallas. Owen is an artist who needs immediate help with his Art Show and hires Auburn on the spot. Owen is a young and highly talented painter that draws inspirations from anonymous confessions he gets from a drop-box.

Attractions start to heat up but Owen’s secrets are getting in the way. Auburn becomes worried that Owen would derail everything she is working towards. Should he confess to save their new romance? Or could confessing drive Auburn further away?

Problem #2 – The Secrets: The novel spends a lot of time building up Owen’s secrets, but to be honest I didn’t find them that surprising. The only secret that made me stop and go “Whoa!” was Auburn’s secret. I was genuinely taken aback.

But that’s probably not why you are reading the review. What about the romance and the sexy times?

It kills me to do this but…

Problem #3 – The sex. *hides from CoHo fans*

The romance itself wasn’t too bad. I buy the chemistry and the insta-connection the two have. But oh my goodness, the buildup almost killed me. I’ve never seen The Universe bring two people together but at the same time cock-block them at every turn.

Me at 200 pages:


Finally! FINALLY! They have the sex. And then… Owen talks. Not just talk, but creepy talk, and he keeps repeating “I deserve you.”


Owen never came off as creepy during the book until then. Ahhhhh!!! A few pages later they go for round two and I’m just praying that Owen shuts his trap… oh, nevermind. The book stops the chapter before they get to the sexy times.  *Facepalm* Ugh.

Anyways, so as I’m nearing the end Confess I realize something. The novel has strong similarities to YA. I did some research and found that this novel is consider NA or New Adult, a new genre that was coined a few years back to appeal to the YA audience that are now 18 to 30 years old.

After reading up on this new genre I think I understand Confess better. I don’t know if it works as a romance (at least my limited knowledge of the genre), but I think it’s a good example of NA fiction. Both characters are young and trying to figure out their path as twenty-somethings, so the connection to the audience is obvious.

I don’t know if I’ll be jumping to read more of CoHo or NA but I’ll definitely consider them for the future.

Score: 6/10


2 thoughts on “Confess by Colleen Hoover

  1. I haven’t read this one yet, but I love Colleen and her work. Slammed is a really good YA and I really loved Hopeless and Maybe Someday, but she definitely has a lot of build up in those too. I’m a big fan of the slow burn, but I understand that it can be too much (or not enough) sometimes. Great review.


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