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April TBR

After this month’s computer drama I can now drive into April full force. March was really busy and ended up being a slow month for reading. The following books I hope to complete this month (ambition is the theme of April):

                Slade House                                         Beauty Queens

sladehouse3.jpg                     queens

             Night Circus                                      Silence of the Lambs

nightcircus                 silence

               Red Queen


**Mini- Reveiws**

  Hyperbole and a Half                                            Blue is the Warmest Color

haah                     bitwc1


Technically I’m already finished with Slade House and Hyperbole and a Half. The reviews for both will be out shortly this upcoming week.

I’m also changing up the format. Instead of trying to keep a strict schedule I’m just going to try to read 3-4 books a month and post the reviews in a timely manner.

The schedule I had exploded in March when life decided to be an ass. My plan is to read the aforementioned books in the order listed above (sans the graphic novels) so hopefully if you want to read a particular review you can get an idea what’s coming up next.

Thanks for everyone’s patience!
Tasheena Rose


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