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BookCon 2016!

Hey Readers,

So this weekend I had the privilege of visiting Chicago and attending BookCon. I decided this was a great year to try the convention out since I was turning 30 the day after the Con.

What better way to drown your sorrows and forget you’re no longer in your 20’s?



I’ve been to a couple different conventions (the biggest being Dragon Con) so I’m no stranger to the overwhelming thrill of this kind of event. So even though I spent most of my day in line, I was still buzzing with excitement.

Oh yes… the lines. Conventions = Long ass lines. 

Other than the lines, my only other major complaint was the lack of communication. I thought this really displayed how young this convention is and I really hope that the leaders can figure out better ways to relay information to the attendees in the future.

Frustrations aside I had a good time and glad I made the trip. Not only is Chicago just one cool city, it’s always great to be around people who understand your love for a certain hobby.

BookCon5      BookCon2

I got to meet David Levithan, Jennifer Niven, and Pierce Brown! Since signings are quick all I have are first impressions. The authors all seemed kind and grateful, and Niven being one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.

I wrote about Niven’s book, All the Bright Places, earlier this year and was excited to get an advance copy of her new book, Holding Up the New. The new book also centers around teens and mental health. Niven is passionate about people, especially teens, knowing that they are valuable and wanted, and having a mental disorder doesn’t change that.


I’m thrilled that I was able to snag her new book and can’t wait to read it (hopefully in the near future).

Speaking of advance copies, HOLY COW!


I was not prepared for how many free totes and books would be given out. I think I got five totes and fifteen free books with eight or nine of them being advance copies. Yeeessssssss!

BookCon4  BookCon8

In the future I want to attend the BEA Expo, which takes place the three days prior to BookCon. Seems more my speed.
With that I’ll leave you with a picture of Pierce Brown and me while I desperately try not to look awkward (or blush!)



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