Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Reasons I Love Classics


Like most ‘90’s kids I grew up reading Goosebumps and Animorphs, which were great, but I had grown out of them by the time I was in high school.

Then I discovered The Count of Monte Cristo, which lead to me reading more classics. By senior year I found Jane Austen and I was hooked.

Since I just recently joined the Classics Club, I thought this Top Ten Tuesday I would discuss why I love Classics so much. (Although I want to point out that my reasons aren’t exclusive to Classics and do show up in other genres.)

classics4 classics5 classics6

1. They stand the test of time – It can be hard to decide which book you want to read next. I have found contemporary gems, but sometimes you just want a better bet. Even if I don’t like a particular Classic, there is usually something in it to challenge you. Which leads to my next point…

2. They’re challenging – I love my fun reads, but there is nothing quite like a book that is both enjoyable and challenges your point of view. I’m constantly pushed to see the world differently when I read Classics.

3. They strengthen your reading skills – I’m embarrassed to admit this, but the first time I read Pride and Prejudice I had a dictionary right beside me. I hadn’t read 19th Century English literature before and it took me some time to get through the book. Its unbelievable now that I had such a hard time reading literature in high school and I’m glad I didn’t give up.

4. They have amazing characters – Not only are the leads stellar, the supporting cast members are unique as well. Not enough credit is given to stories that not only have strong leads and antagonists, but also strong secondary characters.

5. They have complex structure & plots – I mean, The Count of Monte Cristo, enough said. I never knew that complex stories could be so exciting. I was coming from Goosebumps and Animorphs, which are fun, but have simple narratives. The Count of Monte Cristo was the first book I wrote notes down. High School me thought that would take away from my enjoyment, but it was quite the opposite.

classics9 classics11 classics8

6. They have re-readability – I don’t re-read a lot because my TBR list is ridiculously long, but when I do it’s usually a classic. Because of their complexity and depth I can re-read and have a whole new experience each time.

7. The characters are worthy of crushes – I mean, between Austen, Bronte, and Gaskell we got some swoon-worthy men. Am I right, ladies?

8. You can time travel – I can experience a variety of different eras, moments, and locations. I’ve learned so much about history just by reading about the daily lives of different characters in these periods.

9. You can see ‘the original’ – A lot of stories we read (or see, movies love to reinterpret classic stories) originate from a classic story. Why not check out where it all began?
10. I am so excited to share with my daughter – Even though my girl is a toddler, I can’t wait. I know soon I’ll be able to read Wizard of Oz, Narnia, and The Secret Garden with her!



10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Ten Reasons I Love Classics

  1. I’ll admit I squee’d in delight when I saw your post and all those beautiful penguin hardbacks. Seriously. From one classics lover to another, you’ve nailed this.

    A couple of points stood out to me – like point one, that they have stood the test of time. I actually always turn back to the classics when I want to dip my toes into a new genre. There’s actually quite a few genres that I only read the classics from – like romance, sci-fi and horror. They are good enough, the cream of the crop, if you like, that they should satisfy me and give me a taste of what could be in the rest of the genre, if I so choose.

    Point 2, that they are challenging – my first classics were in high school with dry Shakespeare lessons and horrible introductions to Austen and Dickens. I then moved onto university and was completely out of my depth. I still find classics challenging to this day. There’s something about the Victorian romance scene that I find really challenging, but usually when I push through, they are some of my favs. And you are right, the classics have a high degree of re-readability. I don’t reread much either, but when I do, chances are it’s my old dodgy copy of All Quiet on the Western Front, My Brilliant Career or The Call of the Wild.

    Point 10 brought a bit of a tear to my eye, because I lost my mum when I was in my young teen years, but some of my most treasured memories are reading some classics together. Black Beauty was my favourite, but she loved The Secret Garden. I also fondly remember Little Women, the Jungle Book and Heidi. I hope you get to share some beautiful moments with your daughter, and rest assured, even if she is a horrible teen (like I was) those are the memories she will treasure later in life. (I’m not crying, you are.)

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    1. Thank you for your comment! It means a lot to me and I glad I’m not the only one who loves Classics :).
      What you said about your mother and the memories you have of reading with her are beautiful. (And also made me cry)

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  2. I actually haven’t read a classic before but seeing your post and reasons as to why you love them really makes me want to pick one up. I always eye them, but never seem to actually sit down and pick one of them up, unfortunately. I have heard so many good things about a lot of them.

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    1. I’m happy to hear that! I would start with something close to a genre you like (if you haven’t already spotted one you want to give a try).
      Classics has a wide variety so it can be overwhelming where to start (or what to read next in my case).
      Wish you luck!


  3. Unfortunately, so far I’d only say I’ve ever read on classic (Wuthering Heights), but this list makes me want to pick one up straight away! I really do need to read more so hopefully I can get on it and enjoy some more soon, especially with this added inspiration 🙂
    Heres my TTT


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