TTT: Ten Facts About Me

‘Allo Everyone! If this is your first time here at Dear Reader then Welcome! I’m really excited to dive into today’s topic. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and I hope today’s TTT will help fill in some gaps.


Let’s Begin!

1   I lived in Florida for 20 years and then moved to Maryland: After twenty summers in Central Florida, it was just too much. Also doesn’t help that I hate humidity. Maryland was a huge adjustment, but after a few years I can say it was the right decision.

This is a lot of snow for a Floridian.

2   I’m a Harry Potter Nerd4Life: You know how I’m all over Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? I’ve already ordered it and cleared a few days for dedicated reading (and writing a review!).

3   I’ve been to a handful of Conventions, including Dragon Con, Awesome Con, a few of Creation Entertainment and EyeCons: I just love the atmosphere and hearing actors talk about my favorite movies/shows. I’ve also dabbled in Cosplay.

Mal and Saffron from Firefly

4   I have a Bachelor’s in Theology (Nerd): A long time ago I thought I was going to be a missionary. Oh poor Tasheena, you had high ambitions, but not the discipline. I’m still glad I studied Theology, as I’m able to see through a lot of fundamentalist bullcrap and stay strong in my own convictions.

5   I love to travel and have lived in Moldova for ten weeks: My trip to Moldova was an internship for my degree (missionary). The ten weeks had many difficulties, but it did solidify my wanderlust.

6   This is my favorite picture of myself:

Eiffel Tower + Fear of Heights

7   Marvel Comics: I remember when I was a teenager, I got a stack of old X-Men comics and fell in love. I’m a huge fan of Marvel, and I know everyone is probably getting tired of all the Marvel movies, but I’m not! So far this year, Civil War and Deadpool are my two favorite movies.

8   I love the Holidays!: Especially Halloween and Christmas. If I had unlimited cash our house would be in decorated top-to-bottom. I just love the season and refuse to let consumerism take that joy from me.

9   I’m allergic to everything: As a kid I had a few food allergies, but it was seasonal allergies that really plagued me during the spring. Oh has the tide turned… Over the past three years my food allergies have gone bananas (thankfully I can still eat those).

Here’s a list: Apples (raw), Pears (raw), Peaches (raw), Plums (raw), Avocados, Honey, Pine Nuts, Milk (has to be cooked at a certain temp), and the big one… EGGS! I can’t have eggs at all, even cooked. Really limits my options.

*If your list is worst than mine, I’m truly sorry. Because it sucks.

10   I love reading, but these two have my heart:



16 thoughts on “TTT: Ten Facts About Me

  1. Aww, CUTE BABY!!! Hehe. And omg I hear you with the allergies, ugh, allergies are the worst. I’m with you on honey and nuts…gah. But my allergies are more sensitivities so at least I don’t go anaphylactic or anything.
    AHHH MARVEL IS THE BEST. I just borrowed the Deadpool DVD from the library and I’m ridiculously excited. XDXD
    And of course so much love for reading. ❤
    Here’s my TTT!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think she the cutest (but I’m partial :D).
      Yeah, most of my allergies are annoyances that troll my body, but due to a couple being severe I just got a EpiPen (Stupid Eggs).
      And MARVEL! Yeeesssssss!


    1. Uh oh. I haven’t read any current Marvel (couple years behind) but the only love I’m hearing is the new Black Panther.
      Image Comics been on my radar the past few months, especially Saga. I really need to check them out.


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