TTT: Ten Books That Have Been on my TBR for a Looooooong Time


There are a few reasons why I started this blog, and one of them is that I was swimming in unread books. I did ‘unhaul’ quite a few books a couple of months ago, but still have an unhealthy amount of unread books (I can’t resist their song, “Lalalalala Buy Me!”).

The following ten are a few of the older ones that have stuck around and I really want to read soon.

tbr1   tbr2

1 A Passage to India – E. M. Forster

A few books on this list I’ve attempted over the past five years (or so) and this is one of them. I remember starting A Passage to India on a flight and liking it. For some reason I never picked it back up when I got home. It’s on my classics list* so I WILL get to it soon enough.

2 A Visit from the Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan

Another one I started and then life interrupted. I don’t even have a reason.

tbr3   tbr4

3 The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

I know this book being on my list is going to upset some readers. This is a gem in the reader community… and I quit halfway through. I really loved the beginning, so different from a lot of YA. But somewhere in the middle I just lost momentum. I really want to try again, just to say I’ve completed it.

4 The March – E. L. Doctorow

Ok, ok. This one I actually haven’t attempted. I loved the musical Ragtime, like top five faves, and it was based off the book by Doctorow. I saw The March on sale and decided to pick it up. Still want to get Ragtime (the book), so I don’t know why I haven’t read The March yet.

tbr5   tbr6

5 The Poisonwood Bible – Barbara Kingsolver

Got it a long time ago and haven’t picked it up. The End.

6 The Portrait of a Lady – Henry James

My favorite short story is Turning of the Screw by James and I’ve always wanted to venture into his novels. Thankfully this novel is also on my classics list.

tbr7   tbr8

7 The Reader – Bernhard Schlink

I’ve seen the movie and loved it (HUGE fan of Kate Winslet), so I decided to give the book a try. I think I read a few pages in college… oh my gawd… I’ve had this since college!?

8 The Widow of the South – Robert Hicks

Confession: The cover looked cool.

tbr10   tbr9

9 Sherlock Collection – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

With the revival of everything Sherlock I’m surprised that this collection didn’t catch my eye. Maybe my level of Sherlock-saturation has been met? Who knows.

10 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – Jules Verne

I love H.G. Wells and was taken aback that I haven’t read more Verne. I’ve read Around the World in Eighty Days and found it enjoyable.



After reviewing, I really want to read all of these books. Three are on the classics list, so I know I’ll get to them by 2020. The other seven I want to challenge myself to read in 2017, and if I haven’t then I should part with them.

Making space on the bookshelf, while hard, isn’t a bad thing
*Classics List – I’m apart of the Classics Club Challenge, where I read and review 50 classics in four years. Here’s a link to my list and more info.


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