TTT: TV shows!

This week’s TTT is all about TV shows, and I decided to take a different path. The first five are some of my favorite shows that I love to re-watch. The last five are shows that I THOUGHT were going to be all-time favorites, but lost their mojo along the way.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Throughout my middle school years, this show was the shit. I loved Buffy and am glad that I grew up watching a strong and well-rounded female character. I recently watched the series again and it held up for me. Of course there’s the strong ’90s vibe, but the themes are still relevant and resonant. Also the characters are boss.


Veronica Mars

As Buffy was wrapping up, another great female was making her debut. Veronica may look adorable, but she’s full of sass and grit. Like Buffy, this was another lady you never wanted to double-cross. I’ve re-watched the show three or four times and I still laugh like the first time.


Gilmore Girls

I don’t know why I love this show so much. I think its because the show is able to balance fast-paced hilarity and grounded drama. I’m re-watching the whole series before the new Netflix season comes out and damn, this show still gets to me. I use to be really hard on Emily, but during this go-around I’m starting to see a new side.


Arrested Development

I can watch this show any time of day. I’ll throw it up on Netflix for background noise and end up giving up whatever I was working on. The best.


Breaking Bad

I’ll keep it short. One of the best f-in’ dramas ever.



Now, the Five that were close but lost their mojo:



I remember watching the pilot and my mind was blown. The first season was equally amazing, but every season after dropped in quality. By the last season my patience had worn down and I only finished it to be a completionist (I was also optimistic). What a disappointment.



Stay with me. I loved the first couple of seasons but the last one was starting to go off the rails for me. What really pissed me off was the Christmas special, ‘The Abominable Bride’. I really loved the first half, but then it went crazy and became a huge time waster. I’m OK with zany, but I don’t like time wasters. Crossing my fingers for next season, but I don’t like the path the show is taking.



Another show with an amazing first season that took a nose dive soon after. The second season was mixed but the third was… ouch. Sadly, a writer’s strike hurt the quality level of the show and now I can only imagine ‘what-if’.



A spin-off of Buffy that I really enjoyed that nonetheless suffered greatly the last two seasons. I blame Connor, a horrible whiny character that did immense damage to the story. The show never truly recovered and the fifth season reflects it.


Doctor Who

Oh David Tennant, I know how you feel.

I discovered the show around the third season and caught up as quickly as I could. I was hooked. Even with Tennant’s and Davies’ departure from the show I was still hopeful that the show would still have everything I love. The Moffat years have produced some solid episodes, but I noticed that with every season I’m a little less exited.

Which is too sad because I love Peter Capaldi and ‘Heaven Sent’ is one of my favorite Who episodes. But it was followed up by ‘Hell Bent’, which was some major bullshit. I could write a whole post just about that two part finale.

Hopefully I haven’t made anyone too upset. Also I’m not saying the last five don’t have any value or good episodes/seasons. They’re just shows that I thought were going to be the best and ended up falling below my expectations at some point.


5 thoughts on “TTT: TV shows!

  1. Ah I love the tenth Doctor!! I totally agree about getting less excited – I love Peter Capaldi but the storylines seem to be getting more ridiculous a lot of the time! great list!

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