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Mini Review: Saga Volume Four

** For those of you that don’t want ANY spoilers about previous volumes, even minor ones, you’ve been warned!

Previously on Saga…

Recently I’ve read volumes Three & Four of Saga, and while I like volume Three just fine, I’m just too excited to talk about volume Four.

Volume Three was a solid conclusion to Book One and mainly got all the moving pieces to a stopping point to step up for Book Two. So here are two things I loved about volume Three:

  • Discussions about War  


  • The introduction of The Brand


Now on to volume Four!

We start a few months after Book One (vols 1-3), where our star-crossed lovers, Marko and Alana, and their family have found a momentary peace amidst the chaos of being on the run. saga1

Aside from the passionate love the two have for each other, Marko and Alana thrive on excitement and challenge. They would do anything to protect each other and their family, and that’s where both individuals shine.

But what happens when the pace of their lives slows down  and their everyday existence starts to look… normal?

Basically, Alana becomes an over-worked mom who strains under the stress of supporting her whole family, and Marko becomes a stay-at-home dad that has a hard time dealing with the quiet life after being a solider.saga6

I think at this point it needs to be said that Brian K. Vaughan deserves all the credit  for being able to slow the pace down and focus on his characters in a compelling way, and leave me still wanting more (especially Alana, holy shit she was good in this volume). I want more of all these characters, and honestly the only sad part of this volume is the lack of The Will.

The First Book was just so… big, a sci-fi adventure with an epic forbidden romance. The fourth volume is mainly about the dynamic between Marko and Alana as they try to live in normality, and the heartbreaking realization that they might not be cut out for the simple life.

The narration, from their grownup daughter’s future perspective, just brings another layer of sadness as she is witnessing and commenting about what happened between her parents.


I’m honestly glad the ‘bigger’ plots of war and assassins are left to the background until we are ready for them to come forward again. But don’t be fooled, throughout this volume they slowly bleed more and more into the narrative until at just the right moment Prince Robot IV comes bursting back in.

And with the Robots, a whole new can of troubles land on Marko and Alana’s door. The war will always be on their heels, and I can’t wait to see what happens next to our poor little family.

I want the next volume so bad.



Volume Three: 7/10

Volume Four: 9/10


In The Margins:

  • As always a solid mature rating for the series. The first page is childbirth up close and personal. This series isn’t for the easily offended.
  • With every volume Hazel becomes more adorable:saga9
  • I understand why Team The Will was on the back burner but dang, missed them in volume Four.
  • Along with Vaughan, I have to give serious props to Fiona Staples. The artwork is both beautiful and otherworldly.
  • I’m sticking with separate reviews of volumes since so much is happening.

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