TTT: 2017 Reading Challenges

It. Is. Time. To GO ROGUE!


Alright, I’ll calm down now. 🙂

The official writing prompt today was about our most anticipated release of 2017. There’s a similar question on January 3rd, so I thought it was a great opportunity to talk about… Reading Challenges!

Readers know that I just recently joined the Mount TBR Challenge, and I’m ready to start!

I hope this “list of lists” will get you thinking about what you want for next year in terms of reading. These were some of my favorites that I saw, but there’s a ton more out there if none of these speak to you.

*RC = Reading Challenge (because I’m lazy)


Trying To Tame That TBR List

1 Mount TBR RC hosted by  My Reader’s Block: 

I went with this challenge because you decide how intense you want to dive in. Features quarterly check-ins to stay on track.

2 TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy the Super Librarian:

Not as intense as the first challenge, but has more book-community interaction. Each month there’s a category and you have to read a book from your TBR that matches it. Every third Wednesday there’s a discussion on the books read for that category.

Going Back To The Classics

3 Back to Classics hosted by Books and Chocolate:

Each month there’s a different category and all books have to be older than 50 years. There’s also a chance to win a prize!

4 Classic Book-a-Month Club hosted by Roof Beam Reader

Not so much a challenge, but I think if you want to read more classics this is a great place to start next year. Each month’s book is already listed on the site and you decide your level of involvement. I’m planning to join for at least a few months.

Outside My Comfort Zone

5 Popsugar’s RC:

This was one of the first RC I heard of when I started blogging. This challenge will definitely push you out of your comfort zones as you try to find books that fit the categories (40 in all). There’s even an advanced level!

6  The Island Reader’s 2017 Book Challenge:

If you’re unsure if you want to tackle Popsugar, then you might want to try Island Reader’s first. Pretty much a smaller scale Popsugar RC.

7 Victorian Literature RC hosted Becky’s Book Reviews:

Like the idea of Popsugar but want to focus in more? This challenge has a list of 32 categories and each one must be met by a Victorian Lit book.

Monthly Prompts

8 2017 Monthly Motif RC hosted by Girl XOXO:

No theme to this one, just a different category each month. If you want to participate in a certain month you just have to sign up by the 10th of each month.

9 Diverse RC hosted by Read Sleep Repeat:

We all need to be reading diverse books, and this challenge will help push you to read a least one diverse book a month.

How Many Books Can You Read

10 Russian Literature RC hosted by We Went Outside and Saw the Stars

Will you reign supreme in most Russian Lit books read in 2017?

Bonus! 11. 2017 New Release Challenge hosted by (Un)Conventional Bookviews:

Want to stay on top of all the new books? Then this one’s for you. Have to read & review books published in 2017 to get the credit.


Hope this list helps in your quest to find the right reading challenge for you! What challenges have you signed up for next year?


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