Last Post of the Year: What’s Next for 2017?

Hey Readers!

I wanted to let everyone know the changes I’m planning on making for 2017. My direction and focus has been a little all over the place in 2016, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to read and write about.

I love books, and I want to continue giving my thoughts on literature, both modern and classic. But I can’t deny that in doing so I neglected my other passion, movies. As I was binge watching as many 2016 movies as I could over the past two weeks, I realized how much I miss movies.

Before any my book lovers panic, don’t worry, I’m not jumping ship. I want to eventually have this site reflect both of these loves. So here’s what I’m seeing as my 2017 schedule.


At least three posts a month in each category:

Mondays –  Movie Reviews

Tuesdays –  Top Ten (and other fun stuff)

Fridays – Books Reviews


And I can’t forget Happenings, which will be the first Monday of the every month.

I love to read, but I’m never going to be someone who reads 100+ books a year. To be honest, reaching 57 was really hard. I’m hoping that focusing on three book reviews a month will help me focus on quality, not quantity.

By focusing solely on books, I felt pressure to produce more content then my schedule allowed for, which was stressful (Hubs and the little girl need my time too!).

I’m still doing my book challenges, participating in the May and August Bout of Books, and going to Book Con! All which I’m excited for and hoping will make 2017 a great year. 🙂

See you on January 2nd for the first Happenings of the year!


7 thoughts on “Last Post of the Year: What’s Next for 2017?

  1. “I love to read, but I’m never going to be someone who reads 100+ books a year.” I hear you. When you have a family and work and other hobbies and you like to read books that maybe are a little longer or take a little more effort/attention… you can only read so many books in a year, and there’s no need to stress out about it!

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