TTT: 2017 Debuts

When it came to today’s topic, I realized that I had a huge list of anticipated movies for 2017, but only a couple of books.

Probably because I usually wait to see how a book does with critics and other book lovers before I add it to my TBR list on Goodreads.

This time I did a little research to see what’s coming out the next few months, and was surprised to find a few books that already peaked my interest.

Now I’m just crossing my fingers that a majority of these books will make the TBR list.

debuts1 debut2

1 The Genius of Judaism – Bernard-Herni Levy  (1/10)

2 The Most Dangerous Place on Earth – Lindsey Lee Johnson  (1/10)


debut3 debut4

3 Human Acts – Han Kang  (1/17)

4 A Separation – Katie Kitamura  (2/7)


debut5 debut6

5 Ghachar Ghochar – Vivek Shanbhag  (2/7)

6 Lincoln in the Bardo – George Saunders (2/14)


debut7 debut8

7 Everything Belongs to Us – Yoojin Grace Wuertz (2/28)

8 Exit West – Mohsin Hamid  (3/7)


debut9 debut10

9 American War – Omar El Akkad (4/4)

10 Men Without Women – Haruki Murakami (5/9)


10 thoughts on “TTT: 2017 Debuts

  1. Have you had a chance to read any of these yet? I read The Most Dangerous Place on Earth and liked it SO much more than I anticipated I would. I just, as in the last 30 minutes, finished reading Exit West and I also really like that one too though I’m still mulling it over. I also have a pending request on Netgalley for American War which I hope to be approved for!

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    1. So far I just read A Separation, the writing was good but the pacing was way too slow for me. I don’t mind a slow burn, but this was too much.
      I just got The Most Dangerous Place, Human Acts, and Exit West. I plan to read and review in March. Hoping they’re all good!


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