TTT: All About the Visuals (My Graphic Novels TBR)


I’m a huge fan of Marvel comics, but recently I’ve been branching out. I want to read a variety of different graphic novels, whether standalone or series.

Here are some graphic novels on my TBR list:

gn1 gn2

1 American Born Chinese  

Last year I read Gene Luen Yang’s Boxers and Saints and loved it. I immediately put American Born Chinese on my TBR, and am kinda upset with myself that I haven’t gotten to this one yet. But that will be the case with most of this list.

2 Black Panther

Already talked about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ new Black Panther series. Love the character and the writer, which equals a match made in heaven.

gn3a gn3b

3 Fun Home/Are You My Mother?

Last year the Broadway version of Fun Home got a lot of praise and attention. I was surprised to find out the story was based off a graphic novel. Both Fun Home and its sequel, Are You My Mother? are based off the life of Allison Bechdel and her relationship with her parents.

gn4 gn5

4 Habibi

Been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about this one, but the artwork looks so stunning I just have to give it a go.

5 Love is Love 

Orlando is my hometown, and when the Nightclub shootings happened my heart was broken. Everything about the experience was surreal, and I still feel devastated.

Marc Andreyko, a writer for DC comics, decided to create a graphic novel where the proceeds would go to help the survivors of the shootings (and families!). With the help of a strong list of writers and illustrators, the first run sold out!

gn6 gn7

6 March Series

Rep. John Lewis is a badass, and the more I learn about him the more I really want to read this whole series.

7 Maus II  

So I read Art Spiegelman’s Maus I a couple of years ago and thought it was very moving, I was also surprised to find out that there was a second part (would have bought them together if I knew that!). Again, need to re-read part I and finally get part II.

gn8a gn8b

8 Saga 6 (and 7…)

I’ve talked about my love for this series before, and after the Volume 5 ending I’ve been chomping at the bit to get Volume 6. Need now!

gn9 gn10

9 Sweet Tooth 

Seems like every booktuber is talking about this graphic series, but I was unsure. After checking out some of the artwork, Sweet Tooth looks really dark, so I’m on board.

10 V for Vendetta

This is one graphic novel I’ve put off because I love the movie so much. I’m afraid my expectations are too high, so I’m trying to wait until I can manage them… this might be on my TBR for a bit.


4 thoughts on “TTT: All About the Visuals (My Graphic Novels TBR)

  1. I read Fun Home long before the musical, in a class at my university, oriented around reading visuals as a form of literature. I really do love it, but it can be a little polarizing. And Saga is on my TBR comics pile, too! 🙂 Great list!

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