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Get Out (2017)

All good horror comes from a real place. That’s why movies filled with monsters and over-top-gore don’t get to me. I like that side of horror, but it’s usually the more realistic suspense movies that give me the chills.

Trying to escape from someone usually gives me nightmares. The last half hour of The Shining always gets my heart pumping, even though I’ve seen the movie a few times.

Jordan Peele’s Get Out comes from a genuine real place of fear. The nervousness one can feel when everyone around you doesn’t look like you. Are their reassuring smiles genuine, or hiding a darker truth?


Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is invited by his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to visit her family in rich white suburbia land, outside of NYC. Chris is obviously nervous about how Rose’s family will accept him, a black man, but that might be the least of his problems.

I think the first act gave me the most heebie-jeebies, because all the side remarks and veiled meanings felt too real. At first everything can be chalked up to Rose’s parents, played by the fantastic Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener, being awkward elitists, who probably have limited social interactions with black people (besides their help staff).


Now the trailers didn’t hide the fact that some Stepford Wives shenanigans were going on, but I’m thankful that Jordan Peele was still able to throw a couple of twisty reveals to the audience.

The acting was top-notch, I love Kaluuya and Williams from other shows, and I thought they were both perfect in these roles. I have to give a special shout-out to Lil Rey Howery, who stole every scene he was in, as Chris’ best friend Rod. I was afraid that the comedy Howery provided wouldn’t blend in, but damn, he was funny. I think Peele did a great job making Howey’s scenes work in the narrative by being the voice of reason in this crazy scenario.

Now since Get Out is about rich white people doing some crazy shit to black people, I’ve already heard the backlash that this movie is ‘race-baiting’ or racist against white people (hahahaha).

Honestly, I never felt like Jordan Peele was making an ‘anti-white’ movie. I never felt offended either while I was watching. As I stated before, I think this idea came out of a real fear and Peele took it to the next level.


I wonder also if people are upset because they can’t take a hard look at themselves. The location choice was genius and probably ruffled some feathers, because liberal elites want to believe they are #Woke. The racism might be more subtle there, but the issue still exists, and I think Peele does a great job showcasing that racism is not bound to a certain geography or demographic of America.

Bottom Line: Get Out is a great mixture of suspense, comedy, and social commentary. My only complaint is that I think the horror side suffered a bit. If you are going for big scares I think you’ll be disappointed, but the tension is definitely there.

If you like horror/comedy, than go see Get Out. A solid A-/B+ movie that I plan on seeing again.

P.S. If you haven’t seen the Black Mirror episode ‘15 Million Merits’, ya need to go see that stat. Stars Daniel Kaluuya, and he was truly amazing in that story.


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