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Logan (2017)

logan6For awhile I’ve been wondering when the superhero fatigue was going to kick in. I’ve been riding the Marvel high since 2008, but even before then there were the first X-Men movies and the Dark Knight Trilogy.

I was trucking along, doing great, but I think I started to feel the beginnings of fatigue when I left Dr. Strange. I left impressed by the visuals, but nothing else. The plot was run-of-mill Marvel and the character is, well, Tony Stark.

I also got bored of all the shows too, with the Netflix series being the only ones I follow. Though they are also trying my patience.

I was wondering if I needed a break, but I had to at least see Logan. I’ve loved Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine since 2000, and despite some bombs (*coughcoughOriginscoughcough*) I was always confident in Jackman’s ability in bring the character to life.

Now, I hope I don’t overhype Logan, but…


I mean, holy shit.

Let’s start with the R-rating. I was afraid that after Deadpool’s success that Logan was just going to add some blood and language to get that rating, and it wouldn’t be throughout. Man, was I wrong. Logan is brutal and bloody from start to finish. Down-right dirty.

It was evident that visceral action was always in the DNA of Logan. If you ever complained that Wolverine fights were ‘too clean’, this is your movie. Body parts are flying everywhere. The action and fight choreography are top-notch. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, eyes wide open, as I took in the carnage. By the end, my body hurt.


While I appreciate James Mangold’s direction, this movie succeeds because of the story and the characters. Logan is a broken man, who has seen all of his loved ones die, and taking care of a sick Charles Xavier pushes him to continue on, but barely. When Logan becomes the sudo caretaker of Laura (aka X-23), he’s thrown into the fray again as he tries to protect what little he has left.

I felt like I was watching a western, something akin to Hell or High Water, not a ‘superhero’ movie. The world isn’t ending, no blue sky beams, or glossy heroes who are asked to sacrifice little. Logan has already sacrificed everything, and is haunted everyday by what Weapon X did to him. He’s given up on redemption and family, in this world where only a handful of mutants still live.  

Logan’s arc throughout is what pulled me in and broke my heart. And as sad as Logan’s story is, it was Charles Xavier and his legacy that destroyed me. Needless to say, I choked up a few times throughout the movie.

Don’t worry, despite the high level of sadness, there is levity, mainly with the banter between Xavier and Logan. I felt like the humor fit in right with the tone of the movie, and didn’t betray the characters at all. Also, I love a Charles Xavier that’s full of shade.


I know why Studios stick with formula, because it’s safe. And when you’re spending ridiculous amounts of money on a superhero movie, you want a sure bet. I know the superhero movie train isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, and there will be plenty of other movies that are just ‘good enough’. But they will be forgotten.

Logan went out of its comfort zone, and this could of easily flopped. But like Deadpool last year, it’s the movies that take a chance that will be remembered. Ten years down the road, we will be still watching Logan.

Score: A


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