Happenings Vol. 3

Wrap Up

Getting  back into the ‘flow of things’ is nice. I’m just crossing my fingers that this pace continues throughout March.

This month was solid in both book and movie departments. Except for The Hate U Give (that review will drop tomorrow), my favorite book was Homegoing, a powerful epic that I hope will become a classic.

On the movie side, wow. February used to stink when it came to movie releases, but I think studios are starting to clue in that people will go to the theater if the movie if worth it. Logan and Get Out were definitely my favorites, but I also enjoyed Lego Batman and John Wick 2.

My scores for A Separation and The Hate U Give will be updated once the reviews come out this week.

What I read this month…

The Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams   7/10

The Black Panther Vol 1    8/10

Homegoing – Yaa Gyasi    9/10

Black Hole     6/10

A Separation – Katie Kitamura    4/10

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas    10/10


…and what I saw in theaters:

Lego Batman     B

John Wick     B+

A Cure for Wellness     C+

Get Out     A-

Logan     A


Classics Club

This month I’m participating in a Spin Challenge that will pick the classic I’m suppose to read by May 1st. Since I’m behind, this challenge came at just the right time.

Here’s my post about the challenge, and on March 10th I’ll update that post to announce my pick.


This Month in Movies

poster1 poster2 poster3

I’m not sure what to make of Life, my fear being it’s just a Alien knockoff. My concern also stretches to The Ghost in the Shell, and am hoping the movie is as cool as the trailer makes it out to be.

For The Zookeeper’s Wife, I’ll be reading the book beforehand and the review will be posted before the movie’s release date.

The Beast in the Room: I know that the big movie this month (after Logan) is Beauty and the Beast, but because I have major issues with uncanny valley, I’m going to skip seeing the movie in theaters and wait till Blu Ray. That way if the Beast’s look disturbs me too much I can just step away.

Updated: Added Links to new review and score



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