Hey Readers!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my About page. Yay!

The ‘I read what I want’ feel that I had before was important when I was beginning. At that time I had felt pressured to read a lot of YA books that I had zero interest in.

Now I’ve gotten to the point that I know what I want to read, and I’m moving on to how I want the blog to look like and the actually content. I want my About page to reflect that shift. 

I’m also updating some details around the blog as well. As some of you have probably noticed, I’ve started switching over my pictures so they are all a nice lovely theme. 🙂 They should be all switched over by the end of the month. I’ll also be adding a rating system soon, hope to announce by next Happenings.

Thank you for everyone that stuck around through the growing pains!

Best Wishes and Happy Readings,

Tasheena Rose


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