TTT: Things That Make Me Instantly Want to DNF a Book

Last week we talked about the good, and now we’re going straight to the ugly. Below I tried to find recent examples of books I DNF, or came really close to it, and the reasons why





I think this is the one trope that gets under my skin, due to its popularity. This trend is one of the reasons why I don’t read a lot of YA. I almost DNF The Sun is Also a Star because the lead guy, Daniel, drove me crazy. Insta-love on Speed. If it wasn’t for the character of Natasha I would have dropped this book.



Obvious Love Triangle (is Obvious)



Love triangles themselves don’t bother me too much, its when the author makes it so damn obvious that I roll my eyes. About twenty pages in Caraval, I dropped it because not only could I see the love/hate relationship starting, but the beginnings of the love triangle that was to come.

I just couldn’t.


Suspension of Disbelief Broken



I went into a very long rant about why I DNF Goodbye Days (which you can read here), so I’ll try to keep it simple. While the main plot could’ve been good, there’s a second storyline that completely destroyed the believability of the situation. I just felt angry, and it wasn’t the right headspace for this book.



Icky Relationships (that the Author Doesn’t Realize are Icky)


So before fans of All the Ugly and Wonderful Things get mad at me, I don’t know the author’s intentions behind the relationship in the book, because I quit about 60 pages in.

This book is the closest example I have for this particular trope, since I did drop the book due to the relationship it featured. I felt very uncomfortable reading it, and I knew that even if I pushed through it wouldn’t get better (probably worse).


Bored to Tears



I wanted to love Interview With the Vampire so much. I love the campy movie, and was hoping the book would be better. Nope, it wasn’t.

I was so bored, and it was due to the narrator, Louis. I was pretty much stuck in the head of Edward Cullen, which is a borefest. Ugh.



YA Knock-offs


I could write a whole post on this subject alone, but I’ll pick the book that ticked me off the most, Red Queen. I’m so over YA rip offs, and Red Queen was pretty much Hunger Games with superpowers. It was the last straw for me.

Now the only dystopian YA I’ll read is the An Ember in the Ashes series. I’m afraid to give any others a chance.



Bad Satire


I tend to wary of ‘dark’ satires, because I think authors think they are edgier than they really are. I gave Beauty Queens a chance for a book club, and wow, was that a mistake.

I felt the author thought she was being really clever, but the ideas she presented have all been done before and better. Also, I didn’t find it dark at all.



Contemporary Books That are Full of -isms

I’m fortunate enough to not have any recent examples of this one. Since I’ve been reviewing, I’ve run into problematic books, but thankfully nothing so bad where I would DNF. I try my best to avoid books that have sexist/racist/homophobic undertones. Crossing my fingers it stays that way.


13 thoughts on “TTT: Things That Make Me Instantly Want to DNF a Book

  1. Non aggressively just wanted to let you know that Bryn Greenwood said she based Wavy & Kellen’s relationship on her own upbringing, when she was young and dated someone much older (it isn’t autobiographical, but that’s where the idea came from)! The book totally isn’t for everyone and I get why it can make some people uncomfortable, I just wanted to let you know (again, in a non-aggressive, non-attacky way!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I guess that makes me feel better about the author’s intent. That it comes from a real place and not just random scandal bait.
      That being said, I’m still glad I dropped the book. I just felt ill reading it.

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