TTT: Beautiful Covers*

*There’s going to be way more than ten.

Because I probably made some folks sad with last week’s TTT, today I’m treating you to a sea of beautiful book pictures.

The following are book collections I’m hoping one day to have on my shelves. I have a couple from most of the categories. (Just need one more for #2 and #5).

Now bring on the *BOOKS! BEAUTIFUL BOOKS!*


1 Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection


cov1b cov1c

cov1d cov1f

2 Anchor Books – Jane Austen Annotated

cov2e cov2f

cov2a cov2b

cov2c cov2d

3 Penguin Clothbound Classics


cov3b cov3c

cov3d cov3e

cov3f cov3g

4 Penguin Threads Collection

cov6a cov6b

cov6c cov6d

cov6e cov6f

5 The Puffin ‘In Bloom’ Collection


cov7d cov7b

cov7a cov7e

6 Vintage Classics – Jane Austen

cov8e cov8f

cov8c cov8b

cov8d cov8a

7 Vintage Classics – Russian Series

cov9a cov9b

cov9c cov9d

cov9e cov9g

8 Vintage Classics – Virginia Woolf

cov10b cov10c

cov10f cov10d

cov10g cov10e


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