Bout of Books #19 Recap: Day Two

Hello Fellow Readers!

Still going strong, but I definitely hit a lull. I really liked Sharp Objects, but the middle act was spinning wheels. Usually I could just step away and come back… but I don’t have that luxury this week. Power through!

My next book I’m splitting over two days, because This Savage Song is over 400 pgs! Haha, not even gonna try.

Day 2 Challenge: ‘Not a Font’

“Share a book cover where illustrations are part of the typography of the title. Looking at the book cover, you know the letters cannot be recreated by simply downloading a font.”

My pick:


My TBR for B.O.B. #19:

  1. Human Acts – Han Kang: 218 pgs (Finished on the 8th)
  2. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn: 252 pgs (Finished on the 9th)
  3. This Savage Song – VE Schwab: 427 pgs
  4. Yes, Please – Amy Poehler: 327 pgs
  5. Unwind – Neal Shusterman: 335 pgs

Read Total: 470/1,559


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