Bout of Books #19 Recap: Day Three

Hey Readers,

So today the ship finally went off course after two solid days. I didn’t get far into This Savage Song when I realized that this might not be for me. The nail in the coffin was when the main characters ended up being sent to an Academy. Ugh, I can’t do another YA book based in a school… especially one that’s suppose to be fantasy/dystopian.


I went with What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours instead, a short story collection by Helen Oyeyemi with a theme of locks and keys. Since I started so late today I didn’t get much complete. Thankfully tomorrow is going to be a rainy day, great time to catch up!


Day 3 Challenge: ‘Share Your Shelfie’

“Share a picture of your books/shelves/nightstand/e-library/wherever you keep your books on Twitter, Instagram, or on this post.”

Decided to show off my living room bookshelf, which is probably the cleanest thing in the room. Priorities!  


My TBR for B.O.B. #19:

  1. Human Acts – Han Kang: 218 pgs (Finished on the 8th)
  2. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn: 252 pgs (Finished on the 9th)
  3. This Savage Song – VE Schwab: 427 pgs  (DNF @ 25 pgs)

New 3. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours – Helen Oyeyemi: 325 pgs (Read 95 pgs today)

4. Yes, Please – Amy Poehler: 327 pgs

5. Unwind – Neal Shusterman: 335 pgs

Read Total: 590/1,482


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