Bout of Books #19 Recap: Day Five

Good Day Readers,

A mixed bag today, but a big improvement from yesterday. I decided that after getting 60% through Yes Please, I could do no more. The reading wasn’t difficult, I just completely lost interest.

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours on the other hand…


I repeated this phrase often while reading that book. Oyeyemi is on a different astral plane than me. She’s a great writer, but the short stories were mind-boggling, weird, and really open-ended. I got a headache if I read What Is Not Yours for too long.

Also, One More Book!!


Day 5 Challenge: Book Shine Rainbow:

“Take a selection of your favorite book spines to make a rainbow!”


Look at those beautiful books! ❤


My TBR for B.O.B. #19:

  1. Human Acts – Han Kang: 218 pgs (Finished on the 8th)
  2. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn: 252 pgs (Finished on the 9th)
  3. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours – Helen Oyeyemi: 325 pgs (Finished on the 12th)
  4. Yes Please – Amy Poehler: 345 pgs (DNF @ 203 pgs)
  5. Unwind – Neal Shusterman: 0/335 pgs

Read Total: 1,023/1,358*
*Counted 25 pgs from This Savage Song, which I DNF


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