TTT: Diverse Books That I’ve Recently Added To My TBR List


Hey Readers,

For this TTT I tried to find books on my TBR that have both diverse authors and lead characters:

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1 Dear Cyborgs – Eugene Lim

A sci-fi novel that has two parallel storylines, one that focuses on two Asian-American teens from a small midwest town who bond over lunches. The other story focuses on superheroes on their off-time.

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering how everything will come together, and the rest of the summary on Goodreads makes me interested to figure this book out.

2 Kindred – Octavia E. Butler

Goodreads claims that this is the first science fiction book written by an African-American woman. Definitely the first to catch mainstream attention. Along with that distinction, the book adds time travel to historical fiction.


3 The Leavers – Lisa Ko

This book is about what happens to 11 year old Deming Guo after his undocumented mom disappears and he’s adopted by two white professors. I was drawn to this book because this seemed like a unique story, even though adoption isn’t.

4 Little & Lion – Brandy Colbert

Little & Lion centers around Suzette, a young black woman who’s trying to figure out her sexuality. She’s also trying to be there for her step brother, Lionel, who is bipolar. Matters get messier when Suzette starts falling for the same girl Lionel loves.

ttt5 ttt6

5 Pachinko – Min Jin Lee

Following generations, this epic follows a Korean family starting in the early 1900s. I’m a sucker for sweeping sagas and I haven’t read a good one in awhile!

6 Ramona Blue – Julie Murphy

So I know this is getting trashed on Goodreads (by people who haven’t even read it…), but personally I’m really excited for this book. The lead, Ramona, likes girls and a crush on a old guy friend really makes her ponder her sexual identity.

I think people are upset because they think the author is ‘turning’ a lesbian character straight. Personally, I’m giving the author the benefit of the doubt and I think the lead is just a young woman just trying to figure out who is she, lesbian or bisexual. (Or maybe something else?)

ttt7 ttt8

7 Sour Heart – Jenny Zhang

A short story collection about a community of immigrants from China and Taiwan who move to New York City in the 1990s. I’m on a hot streak with short stories, hope this book continues the trend!

8 Stay With Me – Ayobami Adeboye

Set in Nigeria, a couple decides to remain monogamous when they get married, despite the expectation that Akin would take multiple wives. But when Yejide isn’t pregnant in four years, her family tries to get Akin to take a second wife.

I’m really intrigued by this premise, as this isn’t a situation most Americans would likely face. Different family structures fascinates me, and I want to know how Yejide handles this situation.

ttt9 ttt10

9 What We Lose – Zinzi Clemmons

I think I’ll take the Goodreads summary for this one:

“From a debut author of rare, haunting power, a stunning novel about a young African-American woman coming of age—a deeply felt meditation on race, sex, family, and country.”

Sometimes Goodreads can say it better than I can.

10 When Dimple Met Rishi – Sandhya Menon

I know this YA rom-com is on a lot of ya’lls TBR list, and I’m joining the bandwagon. A story about two Indian-American high school graduates whose parents are trying to arrange them to be married.


26 thoughts on “TTT: Diverse Books That I’ve Recently Added To My TBR List

  1. I have read a couple of books on your TBR and I can say all of them are fabulous choices! I read both Ramona Blue and When Dimple Met Rishi in just a couple sittings breaking only for work and to eat. I adored them. Dear Cyborgs looks really good I love bonding and over lunch is even better!

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  2. I love your list. Diversity is so important, something that I really need to work on in the books I read! Like you, I have recently added Little & Lion and When Dimple Met Rishi to my TBR, they both sound so interesting! It’ll be so eye-opening reading about cultures different from mine. ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I love 19th English Classics, so I notice a year ago that my list was pretty… well, white.

      So I started looking out for books that are diverse and sound interesting. My TBR list explored, lol.

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  3. Stay With Me is WONDERFUL; it’s second favourite to win the Baileys Prize tomorrow and I hope it does. I liked When Dimple Met Rishi a lot too; it’s very cute. I’ve already pre-ordered Little and Lion and I’ll be looking up the other titles here.

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