TTT: Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start But Haven’t


When you got so many books on your TBR list it’s hard to jump into a series, especially if it’s a lengthy one. I found eight that I’ve been putting off, some of them for a few years… Whoops!

ttt1 ttt2

1 The Flight of the Silvers (Silvers Series) – Daniel Price

For some reason I thought this book was a standalone book, and just found out a month ago that a second book was coming out. Officially moved to series status. Seeing how the reviews go for the second book before I jump into a series and make the commitment.

2 The Name of the Wind (The KingKiller Chronicle) – Patrick Rothfuss

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book and I’ve been wanting to read it, but I’m waiting until the third book is about to come out. Seems like it keeps getting pushed back, and I don’t want to dive in and have to wait years for the end to finish.

ttt3 sb12

3 The Passage – Justin Cronin

I already tried to start the series last year, but the beginning really got to me and I decided that I had to set it aside and try again.  Hoping next year I can get back into the book. Mom/daughters in danger just gets to me.

4 Red Rising – Pierce Brown

This is one that I’m actually planning on starting next month! Red Rising is on my Twenty Books of Summer list, and I’m glad to finally get to it.

I’ve been putting the series off because I’m a little burnt out on YA Dystopia. I know that some of the usual trappings are going to be there, but I really hope that Red Rising brings something new to the table.

ttt5 ttt6.jpg

5 Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

Outlander is my more recent add as I just finished the 2nd season of the show on Starz. I really liked the show, and though the series isn’t what I usually read, I’m interested to see the differences between the two.

6 A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Series) – George R.R. Martin

I love the show and I think after the series is done on HBO I’ll make the serious commitment of diving into this lengthy series.

ttt7 ttt8

7 Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell Trilogy) – Hilary Mantel

This historical fiction series sounds right up my alley, but like a few of the other series on this list, the last book of the series is taking its time being released.

8 Wicked (The Wicked Years) – Gregory Maguire 

After I saw the Broadway Musical I was happy to hear that there was not only a book, but a series, and I instantly put it on my TBR list. One day I’ll start it!


24 thoughts on “TTT: Series I’ve Been Meaning to Start But Haven’t

  1. Love your list! And good decision to wait until the Kingkiller Chronicles are complete, I want the last book so bad! Loved the first and second so far, I might even reread them soon!

    The Passage is also a favourite of mine. The whole trilogy has lots of very, very emotional scenes..

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  2. The only one I’ve read is the first two books in the Wolf Hall series – both excellent! But unfortunately the third one has taken so long I’ve kinda lost interest a bit and also feel I’d have to re-read the other two to remember all what’s happened before…

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