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TTT: Favorite Horror Movies From the Past Five Years

Top Ten Tuesday has fallen on Halloween this year and I’m pumped! Time to talk about some of my favorite horror movies over the past five years.

If you just came to talk about books, check out my TTT list I wrote two weeks ago about scary books on my TBR. You can find it here.


1 The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This is a great horror-comedy that goes full on meta and makes fun of the traditional horror tropes while also being pretty scary. Some jokes are probably geared towards horror fans, but you don’t need to be a movie buff to enjoy this film.

Also the elevator boxes scene is soooo unsettling.


2 The Conjuring (2013)

I love Haunted Houses and The Conjuring has to be one of my tops in this genre. I was invested in both the family being terrorized and the infamous Warrens, so I was also glad that the ending wasn’t bleak.


3 The Babadook (2014)

This might be my favorite on this list. The Babadook not only scared me but broke my heart. The grief and isolation that the mom was going through really got to me.


4 It Follows (2015)

Not only was I thoroughly creeped out by the monster, but I think the movie did a great job with the allegory it represented. If you haven’t seen it this is one that I highly suggest checking out.


5  10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

I remember the trailer for this movie being amazing and I was thoroughly surprised that this sequel lived up to expectations. I still think John Goodman should have gotten nominations for his role. So creepy.


6 Green Room (2016)

A punk band ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and have to go up against Neo-Nazis. Maybe it is due to the political climate, but I really enjoyed these stupid kids trying to take on skinheads.


7 Hush (2016)

I ran across this home invasion chiller on Netflix. A deaf-mute author goes up against a sick killer playing a cat and mouse game with her. The movie might be small scale, but the suspension is thick.


8 The Witch (2016)

Shit, this movie. There’s some deeply disturbing imagery, and along with a maddening score… Geez. Don’t come to The Witch if you want the same old horror tropes. This is dense and seeps into every bit of you.


9 Get Out (2017)

All the praise that Get Out has gotten this year is well deserved. Not only a timely social commentary, but a great horror movie in its own right. I still get feelings of claustrophobia thinking about ‘The Sunken Place’.


10 It Comes at Night (2017)

Sadly, due to bad advertisement, It Comes at Night got a bad rep this summer. I was thankfully warned beforehand and adjusted my expectations. I can’t wait to watch it again, as this seems like a movie that needs multiple viewings to let everything sink in.


Other Goodies:

The Invitation (2015)

Don’t Breathe (2016)

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Monster (2016)

The Devil’s Candy (2017)

IT (2017)

Split (2017)


22 thoughts on “TTT: Favorite Horror Movies From the Past Five Years

  1. There’s only one movie out there that I watched these last few years and that’s It Follows.
    I’m a giant pussy when it comes to creepy books and THIS ONE FREAKED ME OUT.

    I swear that I felt followed for days after. My skin crawls every time I think of it.
    Pretty sure I made the mistake of seeing that one in the smallest room the cinema had to offer..
    *Never. Watching. That. Again.*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t see It Follows. I am going to have to though. I love horror movies!

    The Conjuring, especially the first half, scared the cheap out of me. The Babadook had me hiding as Well!

    We watched the new Annabelle movie last night and I thought it was pretty good. Still have to see the new It though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, there’s some legit scares in the The Conjuring. Highly recommend It Follows, its a slow burn but I loved it.

      I’ve heard good things about the new Annabelle movie, I need to check it out!


  3. I LOVE this list! I’m a big fan of horror/Halloween-themed movies (and by fan I mean someone who eagerly watches them and then regrets it for days after lol) and thus I was very excited to see your take on this week’s freebie topic. I’m so happy to see Cabin represented because it’s that like campy horror that’s just entertaining to watch. It reminds me somewhat of You’re Next. Have you seen that one? Also I’ve been too chicken to watch The Babadook, but might have to consider it based off this list! Also totally agree about 10 Cloverfield Lane I thought Goodman was amazing in that role.

    I kind of did a take like yours I picked 10 Halloween movies and paired them to their bookish counterparts. Feel free to check it out:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I really liked Cabin b/c it really balance both the horror and satire really well.
      The Babadook is amazing. Not only does it have good scares, but a heartbreaking story. I actually think the plot shines more for me.

      Liked by 1 person

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