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BOB 21 Recap: Days Two and Three


I’ll keep this brief since I’m using every spare moment to read! Both days have gone well, thankfully I’ve found enough time to keep on track.

I ended up really liking City of Thieves, though I might stay away from war books for awhile. There was some haunting imagery that will take some time to shake.

Which is why Dreamland Burning probably wasn’t the best book to start next. I’m glad I’m finally reading it though, because I hadn’t heard anything about the event at the center of the book, the 1921 Tulsa riot. So far the book is interesting, but I’m waiting to see how everything comes together.

Day 2 Challenge: Share Your 2018 Reading Goal(s)

Got a reading goal or two or ten for the new year?

My focus for the year is on challenges and themes. I’m participating in Popsugar and Beat The Backlist, along with continuing Classics Club. For my reading this year I’m trying out theme months, for at least nine months out of twelve. This month is Historical Fiction!

Day 3 Challenge: Book Spine Rainbow

Take a selection of your favorite book spines to make a rainbow!



  1. City of Thieves: 258 pgs (Finished on 9th)
  2. Dreamland Burning: 148/365 pgs
  3. To The Bright Edge of the World: 413 pgs
  4. Black Panther Vol. 3: 98 pgs (Finished on 10th)

Total:  504/1,134 pgs


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