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Classics Club Spin #17 Winner!

Time to see what book I got for Spin #17 (not 18)!

The lucky number is 3…. crossing fingers…..


I got Far From the Madding Crowd! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I had a handful of books on this list that I was really hoping I would get and Far From the Madding Crowd was one of my top picks. I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while and been holding off on watching the Carey Mulligan movie till I got to it.

This is a great book for my Redemption!

fftmc2 fftmc1 fftmd3

Thoughts on Far From the Madding Crowd or any of Hardy’s other novels? If you’re participating in the Spin, what book did you get and how are you feeling about it?


10 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #17 Winner!

  1. Congrats on a favorable spin! I’ve actually never read Hardy before. My spin was a surprise… The Long-Winded Lady: Notes From the New Yorker by Maeve Brennan. It’s an essay collection published in 1969. I’m looking forward to digging into that!

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  2. I read Far from the Madding Crowd decades ago while I was at school – I think it may have been a set text, in fact. I don’t remember too much about the story, but I loved it enough that it started me on a major Hardy phase reading loads of his books over the next few years. It’s one I’ve been meaning to re-read for a while – I do hope you enjoy it!

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