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Movies of 2018 Highlights

During this slow month of September I’ve been thinking back on all the movies I’ve seen. I want to see how many 2018 releases I can see, so far I’m at 62. We haven’t even hit award season yet! I’m going to slow down my pace next year, but for the rest of 2018 the roller coaster is still in progress.

Here’s my highlights thus far:


So Much Non-Stop Action I Felt Winded Afterwards: MI6: Fallout

The Most Violent Movie Where You Barely See The Violence: You Were Never Really Here

The Best Episode Of America’s Most Wanted: American Animals


Even Though I Hate The Phrase ‘All the Feels’, This Movie Gave Me ‘All the Feels’: Hearts Beat Loud

Was The Writer Spying On Me?: Tully

I Hate Rom-Coms, But This Movie Might Change My Mind: Crazy Rich Asians  (also To All The Boys I Loved Before and Love, Simon were pretty freakin’ adorable too)


I Didn’t Watch Any Other Documentaries But I’m Pretty Sure This Will Win the Academy Award: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

All The Foreign Movies That Took Over A Year To Get To Me: Thelma (2017) and The Insult (2018)


You Could Consider A Religious Movie, But So Much More: First Reformed

Go To Hell ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy: The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Race, Capitalism, and Oakland: Sorry to Bother You


I Both Highly Recommend and Convince People Not to Watch in the Same Sentence: The Tale*

                 *I’m not kidding, I can handle watching a lot but this was rough.

Awkward-palooza But Everyone Should See: Eighth Grade

I Don’t Have A Ridiculous Category, I Just Fucking Loved This Movie: Thoroughbreds


I Almost Had A Panic Attack At The End (but in a good way): Blindspotting

Trippy Sci-fi With A Scream That Will Haunt me Forever: Annihilation

Horror With A Surprise I Never Saw Coming That Will Haunt Me Forever: Hereditary





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