After a few months of blogging I decided what I wanted this Book Blog to be about.


Wow, that sounded selfish. Let me clarify. In those two months I almost burnt out because instead of enjoying writing about what I love I focused more on social media.

Yeah, its nice when people read what you write and appreciate but its not why I started this blog.

I started this blog because I have a horrible memory. There are books I know I’ve read and love but can’t remember a damn thing about the plot.

I’m going to review books I want to read instead of what I think I should be reading or what will get me more ‘hits’. Because I want to enjoy writing and creating. This blog will never become a chore.

So whether I have ten faithful readers or a thousand I want to stay true to why I started writing.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy.


Tasheena Rose

6 thoughts on “About

  1. This resonates so much – I started because I wanted a place of my own to archive my reviews (which I’d scattered around different platforms over the previous few years), but I’ve always mostly written my reviews for myself. Then once I had a blog it was so easy to get sucked into social media and schedules – and it isn’t as much fun! So here’s to selfish blogging in 2017 🙂

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