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Bout of Books 21 Wrap Up

We’re at the end of another Bout of Books and I hope everyone had a good week! My Monday through Friday went great, the weekend went a bit off the rails due to one book, but more on that later. Overall, I thought the week was a success and fun as always. I usually write… Continue reading Bout of Books 21 Wrap Up

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BOB 21 Recap: Days Two and Three

Hey-o! I’ll keep this brief since I’m using every spare moment to read! Both days have gone well, thankfully I’ve found enough time to keep on track. I ended up really liking City of Thieves, though I might stay away from war books for awhile. There was some haunting imagery that will take some time… Continue reading BOB 21 Recap: Days Two and Three

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BOB 21 Recap: Day One

Hello fellow readers! Time for another readathon, and I’m pumped. I hope everyone participating had a solid first day. I was happy with my pace today, and if I can keep steady I should meet my reading goals this week (cross fingers!). I started with City of Thieves today, and I’m not exactly sure how… Continue reading BOB 21 Recap: Day One

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Bout of Books #21 Sign-Up

Good Morning, and to those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. It’s that time of year again when I go ‘didn’t we just complete a Bout of Books?!’, but I’m excited all the same. If you happen to be a newbie to this readathon, here is a quick rundown from… Continue reading Bout of Books #21 Sign-Up

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Bout of Books 20 Wrap-Up

Here we are, the end of my third Bout of Books! Probably could’ve gone better, but I still got a lot of pages read. I have promised myself that from now on my TBR list will be between 1,200 – 1,400 pages, since I was overreaching with my goals for this week. Life just doesn’t… Continue reading Bout of Books 20 Wrap-Up


BOB 20 Recap: Day Five (…and Three…and Four)

Oh, this week…. So life decided to do this to me the past couple of days. Everything’s good, just lost time, which is needed for a Readathon. I’m going to have to drop Reincarnation Blues off this week’s TBR. I’m working just to complete The Book Thief and Serena, I definitely should get one done,… Continue reading BOB 20 Recap: Day Five (…and Three…and Four)


BOB 20 Recap: Day Two

Hey Readers and Readathon Participants! Today was muuuuuch better than yesterday, with both health and reading. Thankfully the stomach bug was short lived. It did push back my time table, so I don’t think I can get all the books complete, but dang it… I’m going to try! I had already started The Rest of… Continue reading BOB 20 Recap: Day Two