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Classics Club Spin #18

First, what happened to #17? Second, for those who don’t know I’m in the progress of reading 50 classics in 4 years (that I’ve already chosen). The website that hosts the challenge does a fun game called a CC Spin, where your next classic is chosen for you. On March 9th, a random number is… Continue reading Classics Club Spin #18

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Book Tag: 2017 TBR

Hey Readers! I’m going to wait til the New Year to start Quick Lit posts again, so I think a Book Tag is in need to fill in the gap. Yesterday I saw this TBR Tag that FictionFan’s Book Reviews did and I think it’s time to talk about some books on my TBR 1… Continue reading Book Tag: 2017 TBR

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20 Books of Summer Challenge Wrap Up!

I think the challenge went well… depending on your definition of ‘well’. The good news is that I was one book shy from 20, which I’m 100% fine with as I hit a reading slump in July and thought I was going to have abandoned this challenge. The bad news is I only read nine… Continue reading 20 Books of Summer Challenge Wrap Up!

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Liebster Award

Laura @ Inkings of an Introvert nominated me for the Liebster award. I have to be honest, I was nominated a few times. One was the day before my Maine trip and sadly got lost in the shuffle. (Sorry!) I decided I need to at least complete one and try to get back on track!… Continue reading Liebster Award

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The Longest Book Tag!

Don’t worry Lorelai, though the title sounds dirty, this book tag is safe for work! Elise @ Roaming Reader has tagged me to talk about the five longest books that I’ve read and two that are on my TBR. I just went over to trusty ol’ Goodreads and found out that they can do all… Continue reading The Longest Book Tag!

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Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Book Tag

Sweet! I just got tagged in my first Book Tag, and I’m pumped! I love games and this seems like fun. Thanks to Abooknerd13 for tagging me (and it was fun reading your rounds and choices!). Now let the games begin! The Rules: Randomly choose three books (I used Goodreads ‘random’ generator). Out of those… Continue reading Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Book Tag