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Happenings Vol. 8: Wrap Ups and Getting My Groove Back

Wrap Up From my last Happenings, a few of you know that I hit a major wall late June to early July. Thankfully, with some rest in Maine and a family visit this past week, I’m ready to dive into August. Even though I just read a couple of duds at the end of the… Continue reading Happenings Vol. 8: Wrap Ups and Getting My Groove Back


Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted!

Dear Reader, If you follow me on twitter, then you’ve read about my reading frustrations over the past few weeks. After Final Girls I was on a reading high, and the crash after was hard. Every book was either really dull, frustrating, or just not grabbing me. (Sula is probably the only exception.) Vacation is… Continue reading Vacation Is All I Ever Wanted!


Happenings Vol 7: Wrap Ups and Reading Slumps

June Wrap Up As I’ll detail further down the post, June fell apart. I hit a wall at the end of the month, so my reading list is smaller than usual. Thankfully the books I did read were pretty fantastic. Highlights were the two 2017 debuts, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Final Girls.… Continue reading Happenings Vol 7: Wrap Ups and Reading Slumps

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Happenings Vol. 6: Wrap Up, TBR, and More!

Wrap Up Whoa, I read eleven books this past month. Crazy, especially since I only read one graphic novel. The mountain of books this month is due to my participation with B.O.B. Readathon. I read five books in one week, which I found out was my max. I’m glad I did it, but I think… Continue reading Happenings Vol. 6: Wrap Up, TBR, and More!


Happenings Vol.5   (April Wrap Up)

Wrap Up Man, this was an intense month. I’m trying to get ready for the upcoming Readathon I’m participating in (more below), and so I’m trying to stretch my reading time. I was doing well, but the end of the month got away from me, so sadly I had to drop The Circle from this… Continue reading Happenings Vol.5   (April Wrap Up)



Hey Readers! I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated my About page. Yay! The ‘I read what I want’ feel that I had before was important when I was beginning. At that time I had felt pressured to read a lot of YA books that I had zero interest in. Now I’ve… Continue reading Updates!

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Happenings Vol. 4

Wrap Up Whoa, so I’m pretty sure I’ve never read this much in my life. I was on a roll! I have the library to thank for this push as they dump like ten holds at once on me. I think it also helps that I’ve read a lot of great books/graphic novels this month.… Continue reading Happenings Vol. 4