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Quick Lit #2

Dear Reader, Time for some more mini-reviews! Sadly I’m unable to write full reviews of everything I’ve read (got a toddler that keeps me busy), so this is the perfect way to sneak in some thoughts on my past readings. These are all books I’ve read over the past month. This monthly feature is hosted… Continue reading Quick Lit #2

Book Review · Mini-Review · Quick Lit

Quick Lit

Dear Readers, This is my first post for Quick Lit, which is hosted monthly by Modern Mrs. Darcy. Like many book bloggers, I don’t get to review everything I read and that can be a bummer. I thought this was a great opportunity to give short mini-reviews on a few books/graphic novels I read over… Continue reading Quick Lit

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The Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams

I love going to see musicals and plays, but I shy away from actually reading them in book format. There’s about a 50/50 shot that the play will translate well in script format, and even then the reader likely misses something when not seeing a play live. I’m not suggesting to skip reading plays. Last… Continue reading The Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams

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Dracula: A Tale as Old as Time

There’s no way Jonathan Harker could have known what awaited him in Transylvania. Harker was sent on business, to conclude a house purchase for the mysterious Count Dracula.  Harker didn’t realize he would be Dracula’s prisoner. And now, with his new English home, Dracula is heading to England to wreck havoc on the lives of… Continue reading Dracula: A Tale as Old as Time

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Over the past few years, the nostalgia for the ‘90s has skyrocketed as millennials have started to enter into their 30s, and are looking back at everything that defined our childhood years. Now nostalgia is definitely a two-sided coin. Its nice to relive the fond memories of childhood, but sometimes our rose-colored glasses can make… Continue reading Goosebumps!

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A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness (Mini Review)

“How do you say to your child in the night Nothing’s all black, but then nothing’s all white? How do you say it will all be all right When you know that it might not be true? What do you do? Careful the things you say                Children will… Continue reading A Monster Calls – Patrick Ness (Mini Review)

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Mini Review: Saga Volume Four

** For those of you that don’t want ANY spoilers about previous volumes, even minor ones, you’ve been warned! Previously on Saga… Recently I’ve read volumes Three & Four of Saga, and while I like volume Three just fine, I’m just too excited to talk about volume Four. Volume Three was a solid conclusion to… Continue reading Mini Review: Saga Volume Four