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Bout Of Books #19 Recap: Day One

Hey Readers, Had a great start to B.O.B. #19 and I hope everybody who’s participating was also able to get off on the right foot. I finished one book (!!!) and am getting a jump start for tomorrow, since I have to take my child to Gymboree. Sadly my toddler doesn’t ‘get’ readathons and wants… Continue reading Bout Of Books #19 Recap: Day One


TTT: Unique Books on my TBR

I honestly could have written three different TTT on the unique sounding books I have on my TBR. I was able to narrow it down, trying to get an array of books and genres. Hope this helps with finding unique books to add to your TBR list.   1 American Gods – Neil Gaiman If… Continue reading TTT: Unique Books on my TBR


TTT: Ten Books That Have Been on my TBR for a Looooooong Time

There are a few reasons why I started this blog, and one of them is that I was swimming in unread books. I did ‘unhaul’ quite a few books a couple of months ago, but still have an unhealthy amount of unread books (I can’t resist their song, “Lalalalala Buy Me!”). The following ten are… Continue reading TTT: Ten Books That Have Been on my TBR for a Looooooong Time

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May TBR: Nonfiction

  Hello Readers! As I predicted, I was a little too ambitious for April. While I read everything listed, I couldn’t get to writing a review for everything. I’m going to skip a review for The Silence of the Lambs due to the movie and the book being almost identical. I thought the book was… Continue reading May TBR: Nonfiction

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April TBR

After this month’s computer drama I can now drive into April full force. March was really busy and ended up being a slow month for reading. The following books I hope to complete this month (ambition is the theme of April):                 Slade House        … Continue reading April TBR

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February Happenings

What a great start to the year! So far, so good on the 52 challenge and I hope everyone started strong on their reading goals. I’m excited for the upcoming month as we start off with a new series: Book First, Movie After. Any reader has watched beloved books get adapted into movies. Some succeed… Continue reading February Happenings

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January Happenings

Dear Reader, First I want to wish you a happy New Year; one full of beauty, love and many books. There are a lot of different reading challenges out there right now but before I tackle any of them I want to tackle the classic 52 book challenge in 2016. While I’ll be sticking to… Continue reading January Happenings