Bout of Books #19 Recap: Day Two

Hello Fellow Readers! Still going strong, but I definitely hit a lull. I really liked Sharp Objects, but the middle act was spinning wheels. Usually I could just step away and come back… but I don’t have that luxury this week. Power through! My next book I’m splitting over two days, because This Savage Song… Continue reading Bout of Books #19 Recap: Day Two

B.O.B. · TBR

Bout Of Books #19 Recap: Day One

Hey Readers, Had a great start to B.O.B. #19 and I hope everybody who’s participating was also able to get off on the right foot. I finished one book (!!!) and am getting a jump start for tomorrow, since I have to take my child to Gymboree. Sadly my toddler doesn’t ‘get’ readathons and wants… Continue reading Bout Of Books #19 Recap: Day One


TTT: Beautiful Covers*

*There’s going to be way more than ten. Because I probably made some folks sad with last week’s TTT, today I’m treating you to a sea of beautiful book pictures. The following are book collections I’m hoping one day to have on my shelves. I have a couple from most of the categories. (Just need… Continue reading TTT: Beautiful Covers*


Happenings Vol.5   (April Wrap Up)

Wrap Up Man, this was an intense month. I’m trying to get ready for the upcoming Readathon I’m participating in (more below), and so I’m trying to stretch my reading time. I was doing well, but the end of the month got away from me, so sadly I had to drop The Circle from this… Continue reading Happenings Vol.5   (April Wrap Up)

Book Review · Classics Club

Classics Club Spin #15: My Ántonia – Willa Cather

Everyone has moments where they wish they could go back to their past, especially their childhood. Go back to places that made impressions on us, and help reconnect present selves with a former self. Waves of nostalgia wash over us, as we try to recapture a moment or a feeling. For Jim Burden, most of… Continue reading Classics Club Spin #15: My Ántonia – Willa Cather

Book Review · Classics Club

The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale is set in the darkest timeline, where the religious Right has taken over the United States, and turned it into a theocracy. The catalyst for this takeover was the birthrate plummeting, and the religious Right’s belief that they can create a new caste system to solve that problem. Welcome to Gilead, where… Continue reading The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood


TTT: Things That Make Me Instantly Want to DNF a Book

Last week we talked about the good, and now we’re going straight to the ugly. Below I tried to find recent examples of books I DNF, or came really close to it, and the reasons why Insta-love   I think this is the one trope that gets under my skin, due to its popularity. This… Continue reading TTT: Things That Make Me Instantly Want to DNF a Book