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TTT: Books You Can Read in One Day

Some days, especially cozy wintery ones, I just want a hot drink, some treats, and a good book to read. These are the best lazy days, and even better when you can knock a book off your TBR in the process.     1 Between the World and Me: A great book discussing the racial… Continue reading TTT: Books You Can Read in One Day

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Quick Lit

Dear Readers, This is my first post for Quick Li, which is hosted monthly by Modern Mrs. Darcy. Like many book bloggers, I don’t get to review everything I read and that can be a bummer. I thought this was a great opportunity to give short mini-reviews on a few books/graphic novels I read over… Continue reading Quick Lit

Classics Club

Classic Club Spin #15

Hey Readers, I’m pumped that I finally get to participate in a Spin challenge! I haven’t in the past because I usually know what Classic I want to read for that month. For those who don’t know, this is connected to my Classics challenge that I started last summer with the Classics Club. How it… Continue reading Classic Club Spin #15


TTT: Books I Liked Less Than I Thought I Would

This Top Ten Tuesday could go badly. When it comes to some very popular books, I tend to have unpopular opinions. And sometimes I’m vocal about those opinions… So in case anyone feels any rage over one of my picks, please note that I don’t think any of these books are terrible, or that you… Continue reading TTT: Books I Liked Less Than I Thought I Would


Happenings Vol. 1

Wrap Up Yeeeeeessssss! I made it! I reached my 2016 reading goal of fifty-two books, and passed it by five. Since I usually only read twenty a year, this was an important goal to me. Hooray for imaginary points! December ended up being a strong month, with my favorite read being The Martian Chronicles. A… Continue reading Happenings Vol. 1


Last Post of the Year: What’s Next for 2017?

Hey Readers! I wanted to let everyone know the changes I’m planning on making for 2017. My direction and focus has been a little all over the place in 2016, as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to read and write about. I love books, and I want to continue giving my… Continue reading Last Post of the Year: What’s Next for 2017?